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Plan Sponsor Benefits Solutions

Retirement Plan Investment Management Services

For corporations and institutional plan sponsors, we provide the following retirement plan consulting and investment management services:


    • Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution legislative policy review and analysis
    • Defined Contribution Plan Design
    • Solicitation of Service Providers
    • Creation and review of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Individual Fund and Separate Account Analysis
    • Participant Communications Plan Development
    • Enrollment of Plan Participants
    • Creation of Participant Education Services Plan
    • Ongoing Plan and Investment Management Review

The Company provides services to assist plan sponsors, plan trustees and investment committees to meet their ERISA fiduciary responsibilities.  These services are provided under ERISA § 3(21) and ERISA § 3(38).  Under these sections, clients can engage INOVE to provide investment advisory services.  By doing so, INOVE shares fiduciary responsibility with plan trustees and investment committees as it relates to the assets the Company has under agreement to provide investment management or advisory services. As a part of a client’s fiduciary team, INOVE provides the investment expertise to implement the plans investment policies and objectives.

Retirement plan assets are monitored on an ongoing basis.  Plan assets are rebalanced or reallocated based on market or other conditions as warranted.  Changes in the asset allocation models, which include adding, removing or replacing securities at the recommendation of INOVE, are made infrequently based on significant changes in the economic, financial or political climate; changes in the tax code; and the management of the securities used by the Investment Option.  Changes may be made based on the Plan sponsor’s circumstances or restrictions that they may place on the investments in the account.